Program Design

We are not like other fitness centers in the Kansas City area. At Infinite Fitness there is no enrollment fee, no expensive gym membership dues. We provide a dynamic, session-based alternative—you only pay for what you use! Where else can you find the guidance, exercise prescription, goal setting, progress tracking and personal attention you need without the cost?

No prearranged appointment is necessary! Each of our sessions run on a regular schedule, allowing you to plan ahead or adjust and your schedule as necessary. We mix cardio, resistance training, core strengthening and stability, flexibility and calisthenics to provide a different daily focus to ensure a well-rounded approach to your health and fitness.

Our nutrition center will teach you how proper nutrition is vital to achieving your fitness goals. We’ll educate you on healthy eating habits and correct misconceptions you may have regarding food. We even provide the highest quality nutritional supplements to help you reach your nutritional needs-even on the go!

We are today’s complete fitness studio, providing convenient, affordable training, massage therapy, and nutritional guidance in a unique workout facility. With a myriad of health professionals available to address your needs, Infinite Fitness provides the support and accountability in a small group setting to help you reach a new, fitter you!

There is no charge to join–we even encourage you to try us out for FREE to guarantee we are the right fitness center for you!